teamThe time has come to bite the bullet and start to sell myself in order to move on in my career.

I must admit that this has got me a bit apprehensive as I have been out of the job market for such a long time, 20+ years. Circumstances have previously meant that I did not want to take on the extra responsibility that comes with promotion but financially it is now time to boost the income in preparation for the future.

So, how can I sell myself to others if I can’t sell me to myself. The recruitment process has changed so much during my current career and everything is now competence based. Trying to write these competences has got me wracking my brain in order to link things I have done to the competences and express in 250 words for each. But not just the examples you put on the form, the extra ones needed if you get to interview. Frankly, the thought of interviews petrifies me at my age.

In order to boost my confidence I have to learn to sell me to myself. No point in it all if I am only going to put myself down. It will show in what I write and it will especially show in an interview. But I will have help in this. My manager will spend time with me to pull together some competences. I only have to write them with conviction and take that conviction with me so I can clearly and precisely convince other I am the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s a daunting experience for me but I hope the hard work will bear future fruit.