A Definition:

“Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is condition in which someone has minor problems with cognition –
their mental abilities such as memory or thinking. In MCI these dif culties are worse than would
normally be expected for a healthy person of their age. However, the symptoms are not severe enough to
interfere signi cantly with daily life, and so are not de ned as dementia.”

Today the spotlight is on a good friend of mine, Cheryl Stevenson, who was diagnosed with this condition some years ago after being told originally that it was Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (EOAD).

Cheryl manages here condition well, but as the definition above says she has difficulty sometimes in dealing with even the simplest tasks that you or I take for granted. Some days are worse than others and yet other days there is not a problem. Cheryl kept a journal or her experiences which she has now published in her blog ‘My Memory Impairment Journey’. If you or anyone you know suffers from this condition it might be worth giving Cheryl’s blog a read. It may help you or a carer understand what you are going through, or if you are having memory problems, to seek medical advice.

So why am I spotlighting Cheryl’s blog. Well, I first became friends with her when I joined a Facebook group called Memory People when i was seeking out others who were going through caring for someone with Dementia. In this case my Dad. I needed information and a place to share experiences about dealing with the effects of Dementia and this group provided this in bundles. It gave me a forum to share my blog posts about the effects Dementia had on me as a carer and to get much needed support. Cheryl started reading my posts and showed a great deal of compassion when most others did not. We started chatting outside the group, became Facebook friends and have stayed in contact since. Cheryl does a lot for awareness of MCI and EOAD in the hope that she can help or educate, thereby creating a greater understanding of these conditions.

Cheryl has also started to do videos which she posts to her Youtube Channel. I have added a couple of Cheryl’s videos below which I hope will help you to understand how this condition effects people that have it.

Cheryl also writes some heartfelt poetry about how this condition effects her which can also be read on her blog.

Even if you don’t or don’t care for someone with a memory impairment, it might be worth giving her blog a read and widening your understanding of what others go through. Maybe it will help if you come across someone who has and they need help. After all, awareness is understanding and the result is less fear of helping.