If you knew someone who had faulty heart valves that could be cured by an operation and that person decided not to opt for treatment, how would you feel?

Would you try to persuade that person to have the operation or support their decision to forgo it?

Well today I went to the hospital with my Mum because she has two hardened heart valves to have a review with the cardiologist. He told us that they could solve one valve with a stent but to cure both it would mean a major operation. Cardiologist asked Mum if she would consider having the operation and without hesitation she said no. She did not want to be messed around anymore and at 86 did not want to put herself through it. Secretly she hates being in hospital.

Deep down I was a bit gutted but decided to support her decision, the prognosis being that eventually she will become short er of breathe when exerting herself and eventually the heart vales will give in. There was no definite timescale as it varies from person to person. They will keep an eye on the valves.

Although the decision was totally hers I know she was upset at facing what is to come. But bearing in mind her other medical problems she has had enough and I will support her to the end. It will be a hard journey.