We all have those songs that mean something at a special time or when things are hard. The song below is just one of those for me. It expresses a feeling I have a lot at the moment. I want everything to stop, to be free, to be alone.

Another song that resonates with me a lot is the one below. I think I can feel where this is coming from. A time in my life when I struggled between being something others wanted and I just wanted people to understand I wanted to be free to be me.

Alas, life is never a true path of freedom. There is always something that wants to chain you down, cage you like an animal, remove your freedom to express who you are deep inside. All I see are the sands of time running out and I have done nothing of any consequence, nothing that matters. I am a slave anchored by a ball and chain to other people’s needs and wants which frankly are destroying the thing that is me.

Bitterness is not a good thing. It eats away at your very being but I’m afraid these days it is a pill that appears to me in large doses.