A poem I wrote back in October 2014 which i found whilst rooting through some old paperwork. For the life of me I don’t remember what triggered me to write this one.


When the void of emptiness comes calling,
Emotions come like waves a falling,
Upon the rocks that were my soul,
To try and make me once more whole.

Tiredness beckons me to sleep,
As energy begins to slowly seep,
To take me to a quieter place,
Of peace, of calm, of inner grace.

Away from all the pains life brings,
The battles fought to free your sins,
In hope that come the morning light,
You can once more get up and fight.

Yet sleep does not repair the woes,
As what you crave first comes then goes,
Again you wake to heavy heart,
And all the thoughts they do restart.

A never ending wheel of pain,
No signs of getting any gain,
The wheel just turns and carries on,
Till life does end and all is gone.

Copyright ©Patrick Fisher