Well, it’s Christmas Eve and the time fast approaches when we would have opened our presents. Every year Mum and I would stay up until after midnight and open our presents together. A tradition that has been going on for some years, especially since we became older as kids and Christmas took on a different meaning to us all. I guess it was more about being together than anything else. But as the years moved on and each of us moved away it didn’t seem to matter when the presents were opened, so we brought in Christmas Day with a toast, a hug and present opening. Christmas Day became more about preparing food and eating than anything else.

This year for the first time in fifty plus years I will bring in Christmas on my own. Seems strange not having Mum here. Not having to buy in mountains of food that never gets eaten. Not having to prepare a Christmas lunch then do all the washing up. I can please myself, eat when I want, watch what I want. Strange but lonely to some point. Fitting really as it will be my last Christmas here where I grew up. Who knows where Christmas will be next year or if anyone will be around to share it with me.

So, have a wonderful Christmas everyone. May the New Year bring you peace and happiness in everything you do.