A question I ask myself a lot these days as I sit alone examining my past and potential future. As I sit alone and wonder what the purpose was in that exact sperm and ova coming together to create my life. As I sit alone and wonder if our destiny is pre-written into our DNA. As I sit alone and wonder what is the point in it all. As I sit alone thinking what a waste my life has been and how there is so little left in which to make any worthwhile change. As I sit alone wondering why happiness has always evaded me in favour of sadness and sacrifice. As I wonder where my drive has gone and I no longer care. As I sit alone and sometimes wish that tomorrow would never come for me, so I no longer have to deal with all the shit. As I sit alone just wanting to walk off into the sunset.

Just questions and not a sign of a unhinged mind or anything, but I suppose we all question our existence every now and then.