I began to write this poem some time ago but never finished it until now. The ending just failed me until I re-read it today. Not one of my best but the sentiment is still there.

Goodbye my mother and my friend,
Our journey shared is at an end,
Your soul is free, your pain is gone,
You suffered much yet were so strong.

You soldiered on through all those years,
Fighting back those lonely tears,
The day the man you loved was lost,
It came with such a heavy cost.

Time took its toll and broke your heart,
It slowly tore your soul apart,
Your will to live began to fade,
The light in you fell into shade.

Then came the final test for you,
To say goodbye to things you knew,
And leave the ones you loved behind,
In hope that life they could now find.

© Copyright 2018 – Patrick Fisher