As I was browsing old posts on Facebook I came across this poem that I had forgotten I had written.

I wrote this towards the end of my Dad’s battle with dementia. Who was to know six months later he would be gone. Yet it is so relevant to losing my Mum too.


I sit and watch you weaken,
A little more each day,
I see lines deepen on your face,
As time passes away.

I see the light becoming dim,
Where once a bright light shone,
Your eyes becoming darker,
The sparkle now has gone.

I watch your strength diminish,
Your limbs becoming thin,
The power it has gone away,
That once there was within.

I see you gaze more distant,
The world passes you by,
You stare into infinity,
Up to an empty sky.

You speak less than you used to,
The words they will not come,
You find it hard follow,
Conversation with someone.

Sleep it beckons more and more,
Takes you to a place,
Away from all the pain you have,
A place of inner grace.

© Copyright 2013 – Patrick Fisher – May 2013